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Soul Plan

If you have been asking yourself these questions:

“Why am I here?"

"What is my life purpose?”

"Why does my life seem such a struggle?"

Then this powerful system is for you.

A soul plan reading is awakening, transforming and aligning as you explore the meaning of your life from a spiritual perspective.


What is Soul Plan?
It is a powerful system of life purpose guidance.
It is based on the energetic vibration of the birth name.
It helps to understand life experiences and challenges.
It highlights the natural abilities and the talents of a person.
It clarifies the life goals in both the worldly and spiritual.

Your birth name holds the key.
Our birth name is fundamental to who we are.

  • As babies, we have no separation.
  • The naming process signifies your physical appearance in the world.
  • Separate identity – individualization.

´Your birth name is your main soul plan vibration.'

Although name changes and the name you use in the world can significantly alter your experience,

  • Our birth name is the core ingredient to a cake
  • We may decorate the cake differently
  • But at the center, it's still the same cake



Introducing the star of creation
The star of creation of soul plan is a symbol we also see in many belief systems.


  • Judaism - start of David,
  • Hinduism – Satkona – Heart Chakra, Islam, Qaballah

The aspect of the style of creation
Downward triangle - Worldly domain

  • Predominant focus for first 30-40 years of life
  • About us and our relation with world, society, career, planet and emotional aspects of self

Upward Triangle - Spiritual Domain

  • From 30 years onwards, this will be the focus of your life
  • Some are spiritually aware from childhood
  • Waking up to the fact that we are more than a body
  • A healing crisis can activate this aspect of the chart
  • Mission of service calling

´Soul Destiny

  • The soul’s highest potential


Get to know your soul’s purpose and begin to live it!

By bringing awareness and understanding to your life challenges, your natural gifts and your life goals, Dr. Myrna helps you achieve the highest potential in life - your soul destiny - and clear all your challenges so you live through and get to heighten your talents.