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Welcome! Please join us at  Wellbeing Anchor, Online Mind Body Skills Group!

Reduce Stress and Build Resilience.

Develop Effective Coping Skills.

Enhance Well-Being.

Increase Self-Awareness. 



Wellbeing Anchor, Online Mind Body Skills Group is a meditative group process, and is one among a variety of programs worldwide involving Mind-Body Medicine theory and practice.

Wellbeing Anchor, Online Mind Body Skills Group offers a combination of research based healing therapies to help participants deal with life changes, stress and illness. They incorporate some of the effective and accessible stress reduction tools. They are highly experiential and integrate techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, autogenic training (self-hypnosis), breath work, movement, self-expression, journaling and other approaches all taught in a supportive environment.  



Wellbeing Anchor, Online Mind Body Skills Group model recognizes and embraces individual differences; participants are given an opportunity to explore a variety of methods, and to take the time to listen inwardly to learn more about their own needs.

Anyone can benefit from joining including people who already practice some mind-body skills. Groups are comprised of adults of all ages and backgrounds.

The common theme is the desire to seek support and develop internal resources to make changes – whether to decrease stress, pain or anxiety, enhance health and well-being or find clarity about important life decisions.  



An online group is grounded in self-reflection. Sharing with others in a structured and intimate group format affords a unique space to acknowledge, honor, and express the various aspects of your experience.

Wellbeing Anchor, Online Mind Body Skills Group supports being witness to your own as well as other’s emotions and experiences. We find that sharing and connecting with others creates a wonderful learning and growth environment that supports individual and collective well-being. 

Our groups emphasize a sense of community. They are small, with 8 to10 people and meet on a set day and time for 8 weekly sessions (usually on Saturdays), with each group lasting 1.5 to 2 hours.

This format provides an opportunity to begin to integrate the mind-body skills into your life, in a real and practical way, with the support of the group to help you work through any difficulties along the way. 



This online educational project has been launched to bring you the opportunity to experience Wellbeing Center’s time-trusted approach, in a way that’s most convenient for you.

You will practise Mind Body skills and you will benefit from the experience of the powerful small group support. Our groups have been designed to be practical and grounded into your daily life. You will integrate what you’ve learned immediately into your daily life, maximizing your self-care and enabling you to deal more successfully with stress, all with a support and guidance of our facilitator, Dr. Myrna Saadeh. 



This is neither a webinar nor an open or drop-in group. Instead this is an intimate and highly-supportive experience with a skilled facilitator who is also an equal participant in the group. 



Everyone can benefit from Wellbeing Anchor, Online Mind Body Skills Group. We bring together people of all ages and backgrounds and with a variety of concerns and goals. Everyone who joins should be committed to undertaking a journey – the process of understanding and promoting an innate sense of well-being regardless of the presence or absence of specific symptoms or challenges. 



The evidence-based skills that you will learn have been documented to help lower levels of stress, improve mood, enhance resiliency and optimism, and help prevent chronic health conditions. 

These skills include:

  • Meditation – Several different kinds, including concentrative, mindfulness, and expressive meditations – all of which promote relaxed, moment to moment awareness. 
  • Guided Imagery – To mobilize your imagination, to improve physiological functioning, and address concerns and problems that have previously resisted solutions. 
  • Autogenic training & Biofeedback – To develop control over autonomic system functioning, reduce stress, and bring mind and body into balance. 
  • Breath Work – Enhance your health through breath awareness Movement – To release stress and increase energy. 
  • Self-expression – in words in journaling and drawing, to find solutions to previously insoluble problems 




The groups are led by our experienced facilitator, Dr. Myrna Saadeh. Groups will meet for 8 sessions on a regular basis (usually weekly, on Saturdays) with each group lasting 1.5 to 2 hours. 




  • Please be at least 18 years of age.
  • Please bring a commitment to participate in all 8 online group sessions and completing a short program evaluation.
  • Please have a desire to connect with, relate to, and understand others and their unique experience, equal to your own.




Contact Wellbeing Center at 71 213769 or via email and we will provide you with all the information you need.

A personal online interview with Dr. Myrna Saadeh is required before admission to the program.



The cost for the program is $250 instead of the usual, $500 settled with the submission of the application form after the personal interview.

No one will be turned away for financial difficulties.



Myrna Saadeh, PhD

Mind - Body Medicine, Integrative Mental Health, MSN Psychiatry Mental Health,

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Integrative Wellness Coach

Former Instructor of Psychiatry at AUB, Instructor of Hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing

Founder of Wellbeing Center

For the past 10 years, she has been creating a holistic recovery plan for unique emotional challenges, using the best of conventional and alternative medicine.

Dr. Myrna received her degrees from the American University of Beirut, and completed her psychiatry residency at the American University of Beirut Medical Center.

She then travelled to the United States for her PhD in Mind Body Medicine at Saybrook University’s College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences. According to the University, she's the first person from the Middle East doing that.

She completed her practicum requirements at Icahn School of Medicine, New York, Mount Sinai hospital in the field of Integrative Oncology.

Dr. Myrna is also an Advanced Practitioner with the Center of Mind Body Medicine in the US, focused on trauma healing since 2016.

Other interests include supporting pregnant and postpartum women in optimizing their mental health during this special time. She's had extensive training in a variety of natural approaches, Ayurveda, embodiment, biofeedback, including the advanced nutrient therapies, the effective use of multi-nutrient formulas. 

Among her top values are authenticity, transparency, synergistic relationships, love of family and community, living life with purpose and intention, and creativity. 

To that end, Myrna works relentlessly to bring out the best in people; her clients, students, colleagues and everyone in her circle. 

All of her courses and sessions are facilitated through mindful awareness lens. She provides students with practice, experiential and didactic opportunities for mindfulness training and Mind-Body skills building. Students can attend live and online classes at Wellbeing Center. 

Give yourself a unique opportunity to join us in one of the groups!