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Healing and transformation is a natural part of a conscious service-leader's evolutionary journey.


As part of our services at Wellbeing Center, we have developed private mentorships to cultivate our students'/mentees' capacity to be of service to the conscious evolution of humanity.  

Because healing, growth, and transformation is a natural part of any conscious service-leader's evolutionary journey, we are especially dedicated to serving and keeping the Ones who serve the Many in great shape. Why? Because these are the Ones on the leading edge of change, and who can greatly benefit the communities they serve, Ones who facilitate positive shifts in individuals, families, groups, and organizations. We are also dedicated to increasing access to consciousness-based teachings, tools, practices, and services to those who might not otherwise be able to afford them, but would honor and do right by the opportunities. This includes doctors, nurses, psychotherapists and many others whose service and leadership is greatly needed in the world.

Our Integrative Medicine Practitioner Mentorship Program is one of the ways we help this happen. The program is based on the integration and application of teachings, tools, principles and practices that build one's capacity to facilitate the process of Awakening, Healing, and Up-leveling.   

Our program is innovative, interdisciplinary, hands-on, and integrative. It focuses on mindfulness and meditation, consciousness-based sciences, conscious service & leadership, integrative healing and energy medicine practices from around the world.  Service-learning is a core component of this program, as it helps our Mentee Practitioners to integrate and embody what they're learning through practical application of new skills while making tangible difference to clients and community.



So if you are passionate about:

  • An approach to health that considers the whole person (and not just isolated symptoms). 
  • Finding the root cause of imbalance and disease (Functional Medicine). 
  • Enabling the body to heal itself by providing good nutrition (food as medicine), and determining the effects of specific foods on the individual. 
  • Mind-body medicine. 
  • Utilizing a holistic wellness model, with proven protocols that gets profound results and allow you to truly help others. 
  • An opportunity to gain abundance working with autonomy in a field with limitless potential and exploding popularity.


...then our Integrative Medicine Health Coach Program is custom designed for you.