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Telemental Health

Why Online Therapy May Be for You 


As much as loneliness can hurt us, social connection seems to not only undo these effects, but it can protect our health and mental health in many ways. Numerous studies have looked at the connection between social connection and well-being, and all find that the one predicts the other.


One of the latest benefits of modern technology is the ability for clients to receive psychotherapy from geographically far locations via webcam. Specifically, many psychotherapists are embarking on adding telemental health to their practice offerings. Webcam-based counseling (offered through secure, encrypted portals) offers many advantages to clients who otherwise might not be able to access a needed session. 


Read on for why online counseling may be an option for your needs: 

 1.Reduces/Eliminates Drive Time: Telemental health provides psychotherapy services for clients who may not be able to travel to their therapist’s office due to geographic distance. For example, many of my clients are located across town in a major metropolitan area where traffic might take 4 hours to get to my office. 


We may meet in person the first session, but then subsequently schedule webcam-based sessions. In addition, webcam-based counseling allows me to provide counseling for clients that are in different cities within Lebanon and connects me with clients when I'm traveling. 


2. Connects Clients with Therapists Who Have Specific Niches and Specialties: A client may need a therapist who specializes in a certain form of counseling for eating disorders or parent guidance for special needs parenting. If that client does not live geographically close by to the therapist, webcam based counseling connects the service with the consumer with relative ease.


3. Access for Those with Physical Limitations: Some clients may be home-bound due to medical reasons (i.e. bedrest with a pregnancy complication, mobility issues after hip replacement surgery, recovering from chemotherapy and can’t drive, etc). Webcam based counseling can be a good option for those clients who have difficulty with physical movement (either on a temporary basis or a chronic condition). 


4. Integrative Care Might Be an Option for you Mindfulness meditation, Hypnotherapy, muscle testing through body sway techniques among other integrative techniques are all used during our online session. 


Pls note that for clients with acute symptoms such as suicidality or severe panic, telementalhealth counseling would not be clinically indicated.