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Integrative Endocrinology

Multidisciplinary Integrative Endocrinology Service at Wellbeing Center by Specialists in Endocrinology, Mind-Body Medicine, and Functional Nutrition. 

We are providing you with our unique philosophy of thyroid balance; combining elements of traditional Endocrinology with a whole-body integrative approach. We don’t just treat the disease, but also focus on why the patient is affected by the disease.  

We explore, in a non-judgmental way, all the triggers or stressors that have activated the thyroid or autoimmune process. Understanding what is happening is the first step in regaining control of one’s health. 

Dedicated to educating our patients about the biology of their disease, we also recognize that it’s necessary to explore other possible root causes of symptoms and believe strongly that patients deserve to be educated about their health and well-being and treated with compassion. 

Endocrine health is intimately connected to immune system balance, and we target ways to reduce overall inflammation. We believe that to maximize thyroid health outcomes, a person’s immune system, reproductive plans, and nutrition must be evaluated and balanced. In reviewing the recommendations and treatment options, we form a partnership together and with our patients to make sure the treatment plan works for the individual patient and lifestyle.