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Psychosomatic Therapy

It is your birth right to be always healthy; mentally emotionally and physically. Dis-eases are triggered by different "stressors".

We introduce to you Psychosomatic Therapy; Psyche and Soma (means body) are interrelated and interactively working together.

Psychosomatic medicine is an interdisciplinary medical field exploring the relationships among social, psychological, and behavioral factors on bodily processes and quality of life.
The biggest stressor is our own mind and associated negative emotions, attitudes, habits and beliefs.

With our medical team's qualified training; physiological changes can be induced, controlled and maintained. On another level, the mental health specialists work on the beliefs and habits that are stored in your subconscious mind which are usually difficult to be known and reached. This is why beliefs are responsible for dis-easing the body. In here, genetic cellular memory comes into play. The ancient wisdom calls this Karma and Karma can be cleansed. 

In our Psychosomatic Therapy service that we offer, we train you how to THINK using your whole body. All symptoms, diseases, and illnesses can be improved or managed through Somatic Awareness. Somatic Awareness is the ability to “tune in” to a type of inner bodily experience, or subtle body-feedback that too often gets ignored. This feedback can then be used to take control of your life and end your pain. In essence, Somatic Awareness is the ability to think using your whole body.

Background Information

Epigenetics is the general rule of all living beings on this planet. Epigenetics accepts beliefs as our biggest stressors along with environmental factors like toxicity and nutrition. Between our psyche, thoughts, emotions and beliefs and our cells is a permanent dialogue which can trigger or heal diseases.

Every time a disease appears, the body is immediately reacting with a "self-repairing" process.

Two major components are thus determining your living bodies and health: an energetic component based on electromagnetic vibrations and an informational component, such as beliefs, habits, in subliminal stored information. Our psyche sends out and receives all kind of information. Thoughts are electrical signals generated by the brain and are associated with different emotions, which are magnetic signals; these are generated and stored in the brain, heart (has its own nervous system) and the gut (over 80% of the commands given to the encephalon are coming from the gut).

Electrical and magnetic signals generate the body's electromagnetic field (visualized as auric field, known as Aura).
According to Maxwell's electromagnetic field equations each electromagnetic wave is composed of a moving vibration measurable in Hertz and a scalar informational wave guiding the EM wave. One without another cannot exist, thus do our bodies. Scalar waves, are typically processed by biological antennas like DNA, Chromosomes, microtubules. The permanent interaction and interference between frequencies emanating from inanimate objects or from biological beings is called Resonance or Bio-resonance. The whole universe is thus a matrix of electromagnetic and scalar waves; just imagine how we all are connected by the internet matrix.
The modern physics explains the mechanics and energetics of inanimate objects, called generically The Rock, and of all biological beings, called The Vita; The Rock and The Vita obey to the same multidimensional Unified Field principles. We are all multi-dimensional beings, our interactions with the universal field are permanent and therefore we are senders and receivers of information and vibrations.
Our electromagnetic field of toroidal shape (aura) exchanges through our chakra system energy and information with the cosmic bodies. Energetic thermodynamic principles govern living beings: no energy gets lost or is added to the system, there is only an energetic exchange or transformation between different energy forms. Thus the power of healing a disease is always inside us. When we are dis-eased that energy just moved to the wrong place.

Positive Medicine supports peace, love and harmony for every individual, for humanity. The collective power of intention is a very strong amplification of positive thoughts and emotions. It was calculated that 1.5 million humans could change the whole humanity (7 Billion) if they would focus for some minutes on the same positive intention, such as peace. With a collective power of intention a significant potentiation of healing energy can be achieved in minutes.
Last but not least, humans are a cosmic fractal in the universe and thus human's life mimics in its natural way similar processes found in nature and in Universe. Therefore the five elements Earth, Wood, Water, Metal, Fire are associated with different organs, such as Earth: Stomach/Spleen, Wood: Liver/Gallbladder, Water: Kidney/Bladder, Fire: Heart. Chinese medicine offers an exceptional understanding of disease and health.

We all know what it's like to fill out detailed forms about our medical history at the doctor's office. But is your doctor asking you the questions he or she really needs in order to get a good read on your health?

At Wellbeing Center; in a Psychosomatic Consultation, these are only some of the sample questions you are asked and a teatment plan personalized accordingly.
1. What is your body saying NO to?
What is really true for us — wholly, deeply, undeniably true at a soul level — often appears as flashes of intuition. We glimpse the truth in dreams. We feel it in our bones. But we often deny what's true for us.
The body speaks to us in whispers, but if we fail to pay attention to the whispers, the body starts to yell. Discomfort in the body may start as tightness in the solar plexus, or it shows up as back pain or headaches. If we still ignore the messages our bodies are sending us, the body breaks down in more life-threatening ways.

2. What does your body need in order to heal?
As doctors and advanced practice nurses, we go to medical school, so a person might think that we know your body better than you do. While it may be true that we know your anatomy better than you, your intuition knows what is in your body's best interest better than any doctor possibly could.
When you're asked, "What does your body need in order to heal?" you may be surprised at what comes up. You might answer "I need to eat a raw foods diet" or "I need to do yoga every night" or "I have to make sure I get eight hours of sleep." Or you might be surprised to find yourself saying things like "I need to quit my job" or "I need to break up with my boyfriend" or "I need to set boundaries with my mother." There are no guarantees that you'll be cured if you actually do what you think might support your healing. But you never know. A miracle might be right around the corner if you're willing to trust yourself.

3. What's out of balance in your life? Acknowledge that "whole health" depends not just on what you eat, how much you sleep, and how much exercise you get, but on the health of your relationships, your work and sense of life purpose, your creativity, your spirituality, your sexuality, your finances, your environment, and your mental health. Many of us devote all of our energy to one or two aspects of our lives, at the expense of the others. We throw ourselves into our work but neglect our creative side. Or we deplete ourselves by care taking for those we love at the cost of our sense of life purpose. A wholly healthy life requires feeding all of what nourishes us.

4. Are you in touch with your life's purpose? People who are living in alignment with their life purpose tend to be healthier than those who feel out of touch with their mission or calling. In fact, some even experience "spontaneous" remissions from seemingly "incurable" illnesses when they finally do whatever it takes to live out their calling. Yet too many of us choose comfort and certainty as our primary values, even if it means violating how the soul yearns to contribute in this world.

5. Are you lonely? Lonely people are more likely to die young than people who feel like they belong to part of a tribe. In fact, researchers posit that loneliness may be a greater risk factor for your health than an unhealthy diet, not exercising, or smoking. At Wellbeing Center, we screen you for loneliness.

6. Do you feel sexually satisfied? You may not think your sex life and your health are related, but studies suggest that they are. Scientific data proves that sex increases your longevity, lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke, reduces your risk of breast cancer, bolsters your immune system, helps you sleep, relieves chronic pain, could be good for women's reproductive health, and reduces the risk of depression, and lowers stress levels.

7. Do you feel depressed, anxious, or frequently afraid? Happy people live up to 10 years longer than depressed people. Fear and anxiety have been shown to predispose you to heart disease, cancer, and even the common cold.

8. Do you describe yourself as an optimist or a pessimist? Your attitude affects your health. Optimists are likely to fare better than pessimists across a range of health measures.

9. Do you often feel helpless? When we feel empowered to change the things that get us down, we boost our body's ability to fight disease, whereas when we feel helpless, at the mercy of life, our immune systems weaken, and we are prone to illness. In fact, the phenomena "learned helplessness" has been shown to reduce a rat's ability to fight off cancer.

10. Do you believe in a Higher Power? Your spiritual life has been scientifically shown to protect your health. In fact, people who attend religious services live up to 14 years longer than those who don't. You don't have to go to the church, or mosque to experience the health benefits of a rich spiritual life. People who are "spiritual but not religious" also experience health benefits, most likely because trust in a Higher Power reduces stress responses in the nervous system, thereby activating the body's natural self-repair mechanisms and helping the body heal itself.

Do you wish that your health care provider asks you questions like these? Develop your Somatic Awareness! 
If you're interested in finding a health care provider who has been trained to ask these questions, contact us.
This is how we heal our health care system. When we remember what it means to attend to someone's whole health, we make the body ripe for miracles.