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Myrna's purpose is to help people from all over the world find a certification program that would best meet their needs towards change and enlightenment.

Whether you're interested in finding total transformation in life, improving your health and wellbeing, or learning how to improve the wellbeing of others... The certifications she offers are for you.

For those who are interested in powering up their brain and in healing; when you call or e-mail us, we will help you find the best certification program to suit your needs.

We like to say that no one is guided to our website by accident or coincidence. Once contact is made, you'll be guided and continually supported on your path of personal growth and mind-body wellness!

If you like the idea of helping yourself and others live a healthier and more balanced life, a Hypnotherapy Certification can be very rewarding for you.

As a Hypnotherapy Practitioner, you will be able to use a mixture of standard therapy and hypnotherapy to work with clients to bring about a change in behaviour or way of thinking. Hence, allowing people to overcome a wide range of conditions and negative habits such as; smoking, nail biting, poor self-confidence, stress, anxiety, depression, as well as provide natural pain relief or increase performance in sports and business.

As your Hypnotherapy Instructor, it is true that I'm a scientist, doctor in Mind-Body Medicine, Integrative Mental health, Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapist (individual and couple therapist). However, since my certification and practice as a Clinical/Medical Hypnotherapist in 2010, it has been an extremely rewarding experience.

Clients present to my clinic after they have tried everything else; including medications, fellow psychiatrists, counselling, psychotherapy, CBT and more! The human mind is amazing and as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner you get to witness and experience its power first hand.

Fascinating, exciting and extremely rewarding!

The training you receive is extremely high; with supervision, oral and written exams; requiring 100 hours of training, 75 hours hands-on and 25 hours with assignments with continuous mentorship and guidance, access to a community of like-minded indoviduals.

The entire training is geared around helping you gain real practical knowledge and real practical experience. After its completion, you receive a certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), USA and a membership with them. Moreover, a certificate of Cempletion of the HYPNOPSYCH Course from Wellbeing Center Academy. 

For most credible, experienced hypnotherapists; creating "miracles on demand" is part of the practice.

You can refer to "Hypnotherapy" in the Services section for more detailed information.