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Rebirthing Therapy

Rebirthing is a safe and natural breathing method which connects us with our subconscious mind - the house of our deepest thoughts, beliefs and desires. As well as being a form of therapy which can help with any issue, from depression to relationship difficulties, it is also a simple tool to get to know yourself better.

Rebirthing is an alternative therapy technique used to treat reactive attachment disorder. This therapy uses a specific kind of breathing (breath-work) meant to help you release emotions, negative experiences from birth and infancy that may be preventing you from forming healthy relationships because of limbic imprints.

The technique gives you a do-over of your entrance into the world, without the trauma or instability you originally experienced. The goal is to process blocked emotions and energy, leaving you free to form trusting, healthy attachments.

Rebirthing technique:

Rebirthing sessions can take several forms, depending on your age and your treatment goals.

The breath-work technique used in rebirthing is called Conscious Energy Breathing (CEB).

The goal of this type of breathing is to inhale energy as well as oxygen; by breathing in energy, you’re healing your body.

What is rebirthing used for?

  • Rebirthing Breath-work helps you stay in the present moment.
  • It heals and helps improve breathing problems such as asthma or hyperventilation.
  • It is a highly effective form of stress relief and a tool you can use to relax at any time you are under pressure.
  • It helps you change your mind about things you thought made you unhappy and assists you in seeing how those very things contribute to your happiness.
  • It is a way to access your subconscious mind and see a deeper level of yourself.
  • It helps clear the negative charge from suppressed traumatic events.
  • It gives you a way to change your negativity into positive or affirmative thought.
  • It efficiently helps you to become the master of your mind, your body and your life.
  • It allows you to come fully into the bliss of each moment.
  • It epitomizes the body-mind connection.
  • It teaches you to enjoy all of your emotions.
  • It teaches you to let go of resistance and attachment and surrender to pleasure.
  • It expands your passion for life.
  • It highly aids the process of forgiveness of others and yourself.
  • It eliminates addictions and compulsions.
  • It facilitates acceptance of yourself and your life as it is while giving you tools to manifest the life that you want.
  • It teaches you to become aware of your thoughts and understand your thinking process.
  • It allows you to feel the energy of the universe, chi or prana pulsate through your body.
  • It brings you in touch with who you really are.
  • It allows you to integrate past beliefs, feelings and thoughts that limit your progress in life.
  • It helps us understand the effect our birth has on our self - esteem and relationships.
  • It leads to self – mastery through breath mastery.
  • It facilitates clarity about life and goals.
  • It is a quick way to clear your head, calm your nerves and open your heart to love.
  • It makes you feel more alive and progressively leads to Immortality Consciousness.
  • It brings meaning to the phrase “Living in the light”.
  • It brings you back to your essence.
  • It is a powerful tool for spiritual purification and awakening.
  • It makes your energy more subtle.
  • It reunites us with the universal life energy or “God”. The breath is the uniting force between all living things.
  • It is a tool to maintain, heal or rebuild the body.
  • It facilitates individual thinking and inspires and encourages you to live your truth.
  • It teaches you to feel your emotions fully again.
  • It facilitates a genuine feeling of peace and healing no matter what you are suffering from.
  • It addresses your whole life experience.
  • It allows you to finally feel free!
  • It promotes self-worth.
  • It teaches surrender to bliss.
  • It facilitates transformation on all levels.
  • It helps you explore your life themes and myths.
  • It expands your awareness on all levels.
  • It facilitates a shift in your consciousness.
  • It helps you reclaim innocence.
  • It is one road to enlightenment.
  • It facilitates true intimacy.
  • It helps us deal with core psychological issues.
  • It is a tool to help in eliminating obsessions, phobias, depression, anxiety and compulsions.
  • It is a cure for toxic emotions like anger, guilt and resentment.
  • It facilitates less stress, better relationships, better health, higher-self - esteem, greater success and more happiness.
  • It helps you tap into the infinite source and unlimited potential of your higher consciousness.
  • It brings gratefulness and forgiveness into your life fully.
  • It cures loneliness and depression.
  • It brings you into harmony with yourself and your surroundings.
  • It facilitates peak athletic performance.
  • It renews the body, mind and spirit.
  • It makes change for the positive easy.
  • It clears past events which have been stored in the cellular memory of your body.
  • It helps you to profoundly change the way you feel about yourself or a situation.
  • It helps you to reach enlightened levels of consciousness and your full spiritual and physical potential.
  • It encourages you to take responsibility for your own healing process.
  • It facilitates living in your power.
  • It rejuvenates your organs and cells.
  • It detoxifies your body.

If you are looking to get relief from negative emotional pollution, heal past traumas, or accelerate your self-improvement, this service is for you.

Find your peace, your power, your wisdom. It is your birth right.



‘’Birth is the scariest event of most people's lives. You have to feel safe enough in your mind before you can remember your own birth.’’

 ‘’ I just refer to myself as being Spirit, Mind and Body like everybody else and working toward the mastery of my natural divinity and the healing of my emotional mind.’’

 ‘’The mind and the breath are the king and queen of human consciousness.’’

Leonard Orr