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Light !!


Good morning sunshine!

Just to let you know, this morning 4 people made the comment that my eyes have an unusual glow and are do bright....

I think this is the reflection of my healing, calm and happy soul...

I cannot come up but with this explanation and its true.

I love you, thank you. (3


i want to thank you for making my life happy in so many ways.

i really appreciate you for being an important part of my life.


I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you did with me, as Buddha said, «when the student is ready, the teacher appears » and you’ve not only been a great teacher, but your energy and guidance are always with me at all times.
I always do a yearly evaluation for my year and where I stand today compared to last year, and i have to say that the improvement is drastic this year and the credit goes to you.
Merry Christmas May it be a year filled with more love, good health, happiness, positive energy and everything you wish for.


Hello. I’m doing very well you. You helped me so much. Now, I’m happier, more independent and stronger than ever before!

You did a great achievement, you deserve a trophy.


I felt much better this time after the session :) 

thank you


Hi. You cant imagine how different I feel after the session. It is amazing! I want to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.



There are three things you must do in order to become wealthy. You must have the right mindset, discover your purpose in life and understand that we live to give.  I did the thing I thought I would never do. I visited Dr. Myrna’s center in attempt to settle for revival ! I advise you to Do it, challenge your mind and soul to be the best version of yourself. Do it with gratitude and mostly humor. Remember as it was said "God is watching the least we can do is be entertaining.."



Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and at home from day one to express everything suppressed for so long openly ..
and thank you for making therapy healing interesting and life changing and fun !!
And it is a pleasure for me to write these lines and encourage people to experience life changing therapy with you.


I write you this to acknowledge your exceptional performance and class quality.

I'm better focused and happier since your class.

You presence in my life is amazing and your professional talent is remarkable. 

I'm impressed.

Please take good care and keep up your Divine contribution to the good people who find their safety net in and about you.

I look forward to your next class, sooner than later.


A total shift from insecurity into a world full of love and positivity.
I'm beginning to find light in my world is darkness.


can't wait gor my apointment tomorrow.

it's been a while now and i've been mwaning to tell you that you changed my life in so many ways even if we don't meet regulary i always find myself thinking about what you'd say or how you'd react to anything i do...


Thank you Dr. Myrna for everything ... you are the true definition of a pioneer and inspirer! 

lots of love!!


Privilege gratitude pride humility honor,

is my teacher Mirna!!!

you are the best


You are a great inspiration doctor...

we are truly blessed to be taking this course with you.... 

thank you for sharing us your love and light !!


Thanks a lot for everything...


Reciprocating the gratitude to you 10 folds. thank you for holding the space, sharing the knowledge, and teaching from the heart.

Have a blessed day


I would be more than happy to talk to Emirati women about taking sessions with you, because I'm seeing results instantly. I appreciate the work that you're doing. I am finding empowerment with your programs, and the women I know are seeking empowerment as well. 

Looking forward to our next session.


Hi Myrna! Thanks for a great coaching session! Truly, I needed that and you have a great way as a coach, you have a gift!



I really feel a big change in my personality. Love the relaxing atmosphere.
Myrna you are a super lovely person and thankyou for sharing with us this beautiful knowledge and experience.
love you...