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Ways to Achieve Good Mental Health

The way a person thinks, feels, and perceives is totally different from others. One of the reasons is the coping mechanism to manage stress is unique for each individual. In society, it is visible how the young population are doing unsafe stunts on road with motorcycles as a source of fun with friends, use of substance abuse, anger management, and so on. To keep the nation united and strong, it is vital to give coverage to Mental Health.


M = Meditation

Meditation is a practice where a person intentionally takes out time from the busy schedule and focuses on something. It provides peace of mind and helps to stay away from problems, at least sometimes. It helps to relax the mind from different uncontrolled thoughts. 


E = Exercise

Exercise is the physical activity that is done to keep the body and mind fit. It helps to keep our body functioning properly by circulating enough blood supply to all parts of the body like the Brain, Heart, Kidney, Lungs, and so on. Each vital organ of the body has a different task to help us stay mentally fit by means of normalizing hormones in the body. Exercise helps to maintain our healthy lifestyle. It includes Stretch-Out, Walk, Running, Aerobics etc.


N = Nutrition

Balanced nutrition remains basic for healthy living. As the human body is deliberated as a multifarious system so it has to take a diet that must carry Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Multivitamins, and Minerals. These days, the trend of unhealthy food is common, which has a direct impact on the human body and illnesses. The proper amount of nutrition is important to modify lifestyle and stay away from diseases. Similarly, having at least 10-12 glasses of water daily keeps cells of the body, especially the brain, active.


T = Getting Enough Rest

Rest is the time to get a break from physical activities. It relaxes the mind and body for some time. If a person is having continuous work on electronic devices or anything which requires attention, it is recommended to rest. You can close your eyes for some time and, if possible, put your head down on a table. It will prevent stress on the neck and head. By the same token, it helps to refresh the thinking mind.


A = Always Smile

A smile is the only thing that can be spread among others without any cost. It keeps the face lively by stretching all muscles of the face. It is an important thing but we usually forget. Wear a smile all day because every person is suffering from stress. Your smile can help them to change their mood and make them feel lighter. Therefore, a smile has a dual function that is on you as well as on others.


L = Live in the Present

Life is a precious gift and we must live it fully. The majority of the part of life goes with the stress and worry about the past and future whereas, the present moment we don’t enjoy. The power of now can transform your thinking. The results? More joy. The present moment is comprised of lots of energy and must be delighted in.


H = Happiness

Happiness is not the absence of problems; it’s the ability to deal with them. It is an acknowledgment. If a person remains happy with whatever they have in the present, it has a great impact on the future. This gives peace of mind. It connects a person with nature, and in this way, the problem which the person has is not limited to that person but connects with nature and obviously gets a solution.


E = Enlightened Relationships

To generate healthy relationships with others, always work as a motivation to face or deal with problems. As we know problems are part of light. It occurs every day, every time around the world. To deal with problems, society plays a vital role in continuing the sharing and caring process. Enlightened relationships keep the inner and outer environment of the human body hale and hearty.


A = Acceptance

This world is not permanent as everything has some end. Similarly, events and incidences or scenarios are also not permanent. It is good to accept uncertainty; it happens; move ahead, although it is difficult. Remaining in the past or sticking with the incident will not allow a person to enjoy the present. Denial from reality will not give any benefits and also shrunken mental health.


L = Love

If we look around our surroundings, we can see everywhere is love. Plants and birds are in love with each other. Similarly, our whole Eco-system is also considered as falling in love with each other to sustain life. Love also happens in between souls. In this way, we can all fall in love with each other. The sense of love gives us motivation to gain reconciliation.


T = Transform the Thinking

Today, we can do many things as a source of motivation. Like art work, craft work, sand work, and so on. Doing hobbies or spending time on something recreational can also help to transform thinking. Reading, writing, singing, poetry writing, dancing, swimming, and drawing ... all are recreational activities. It is better to use all sensory parts of the body to give soothing effects on the mind and body.


H = Habits

Good habits which impact health positively are essential. It includes physical activity as well as diet. These give dimensions to seek help. Unhealthy habits may cause damage to the body both physically and mentally. Healthy habits give meaning to our daily living.