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Tips for improving mental wellbeing in pregnancy

There are lots of practical ways to look after your emotional wellbeing. 

a-      Talk it out

Being a mum can be a lonely business so getting to know other parents can be a lifesaver. You can share the woes of parenthood and laugh at the not-so-funny aspects of being a mum, or being pregnant.

b-      Make a wellbeing plan

A wellbeing plan is a tool that helps you start thinking about how you feel and what support you might need in your pregnancy and after the birth.

c-       Exercise

You could try swimming, walking, running, dancing, yoga. Whatever works for you, keep doing it through pregnancy.

Exercise gives you a chance to focus on something different, and is great for you and your baby’s health. A surge of endorphins, or stress-relieving stretches, can help you feel good and sleep better.

d-      Try meditation, breathing techniques and hypnobirthing

Many mums find meditation, breathing techniques and hypnobirthing help them relax in pregnancy and manage pain in labour.

e-      Treat yourself

Why not book a treat for every month of your pregnancy? It will give yourself something to look forward to, away from all thoughts of pregnancy and babies (and other children if you have them).

f-       Get extra support

Get some help if you’re struggling to cope emotionally, or physically, with your pregnancy. Whether it’s help with housework, or shopping, or childcare. Try not to exhaust yourself.

g-      Consider counselling

Counselling can provide a safe space to voice all your worries and try to make sense of or control any negative thoughts. Your therapist gives you techniques for managing your anxieties.

h-      Find ways to connect to your baby

Focusing on the baby for a short time each day help you feel better about your pregnancy.

i-        Go to antenatal birth classes

Sometimes worrying about your baby’s birth can weigh you down and affect you throughout your pregnancy.

Getting ready for labour by finding out about your options and ways to manage fears and pain, such as hypnobirthing, can help you relax and enjoy pregnancy more.