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N.M: I am very thankful to have taken this class as it has introduced me to myself in a wonderful way. It was eye opening and very educational. I am grateful to have learned Thetahealing as it gave me back my power.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


R.S: Enlightening, brilliant and very valuable learnings!!!


H.W: this course helped me feel more positive about my life and more connected to my feelings, behavior, and belief


H.N: Very insightful a real awakening a real hard and wonderful reality check eye opener and hopefully the key to opening a heart whole heartedly and without fear on concern of negative consequences a tool to save you from what you were not meant to be.



R.S: I had been experience pain in my upper back and left shoulder before the course, so bad that 3 consecutive hours of professional massage did not manage to ease the pain for more that an hour or so.

I have realized that the pain disappeared sometime in the 3rd day of classes...

I admire, Myrna, and I am grateful, that you chose to pass on this gift of knowledge.

Much love to everyone......


H.N: A step into the darkness that you, your history, others, your care, your soul, your past, he created, and a step out into the light of rebirth and rejuvenation.

How you go into the class is transformed by the time you care out.

Amazing! Reality check!!

Ability amazing empowerment to change your reality for ever....

Love you

S.J: An eye opener. Wish to make this a way of life for all.




M.N: This course is life changing as it gives you the tools for really having charge of your life and knowing how to create the reality you want.

Thank you Myrna for persisting that I take this course and for always being there.

Much much love always....



M.D: It’s an amazing experience, very enlightening and renewing.

With love



R.S: Although I have previously alone spiritual and psychological work, this course has resolved and healed issues rapidly and effortlessly. This course has also taught me, enlightened me, and inspired me to live better, be a better parent and a better daughter and support for my family and community.


Z.H: You made me feel peaceful, and now I am filled with positive beliefs; it was a successful "reset".

Loved the group, their experiences........

I love u Myrna