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Parents often come to such evaluations with many concerns, including: Is my child normal? Am I normal? Am I to blame? Am I silly to worry? Can you help us? Can you help my child? What is wrong? What is the diagnosis? Does my child need additional assessment and/or testing (medical, psychological etc.)? What are your recommendations? How can the family help? Does my child need treatment? Do I need treatment? What will treatment cost, and how long will it take? Parents are often worried about how they will be viewed during the evaluation. 


The Psych Team is here to support families and to be a partner, not to judge or blame. We listen to concerns, and help the child or adolescent and his/her family define the goals of the evaluation. Parents should always ask for explanations of words or terms they do not understand. When a treatable problem is identified, recommendations are provided and a specific treatment plan is developed. We are specifically trained and skilled in conducting comprehensive, integrative psychiatric evaluations with children, adolescents, and families.