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These are steps anyone can take to create a more enchanted life that reflects the uniqueness of you.
In the midst of our daily chores and responsibilities, we can lose touch with our inner magic – that ...force that gives us the courage to bring forth the treasures and talents buried within.
The great news is that this course will explain in detail how anyone can get connected (or reconnected!) to your innate creativity – and let it fuel a richer and more authentically satisfying life than you've ever lived before.
This course is incredibly rich in content, and when you attend, you'll discover . . . The single most important question to ask yourself to figure out what you really want to do – and then use the answer as a catalyst to construct a richer, more satisfying life of meaning.
How to identify and release your scars – experiences from your past (some you might not even be aware of) that caused you to stifle or lose touch with your natural instinct to create.
How to notice when fear is showing up in your life in sneaky and often unrecognizable ways – and then refuse to let it affect you!
Can't wait to be with you!
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MYRNA SAADEH, BSN, MSN, CHt, CI. Psychiatry Mental Health, Psychotherapist - AUB Graduate.
Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Instructor. ThetaHealing Meditation Instructor