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Be Mindful Even if your mind is FULL is our daily message to you.

We also tend to believe in the accuracy of our thoughts: “I think it, therefore it is true.” Assuming our thoughts are facts—that they are true and valid without examination—is one of the reasons we can find ourselves out of balance mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Given the intimate and increasingly well-researched linkage between mind and body, psycho-spiritual imbalances have adverse impacts on physical status/functioning.

Our thoughts often take us away from the here and now, diverting us into the past or the future.

Whenever we aren’t paying conscious attention to the present moment, we would be sleepwalking, even when we are wide awake.

We teach you Mindfulness, a state of present-centered awareness.
Nurturing conscious moment-to-moment awareness and developing the skills of mindfulness and meditation are among the cornerstones of a well-rounded skill set that promotes long-term wellbeing. 

Myrna Saadeh, MSN Psychiatry. Psychotherapist. Hypnotherapist.
PhD Integrative Psychiatry
Hani Wehbi, MD, MRCP