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A total shift from insecurity into a world full of love and positivity.
I'm beginning to find light in my world is darkness.


can't wait gor my apointment tomorrow.

it's been a while now and i've been mwaning to tell you that you changed my life in so many ways even if we don't meet regulary i always find myself thinking about what you'd say or how you'd react to anything i do...


Thank you Dr. Myrna for everything ... you are the true definition of a pioneer and inspirer! 

lots of love!!


Privilege gratitude pride humility honor,

is my teacher Mirna!!!

you are the best


You are a great inspiration doctor...

we are truly blessed to be taking this course with you.... 

thank you for sharing us your love and light !!


Thanks a lot for everything...


Reciprocating the gratitude to you 10 folds. thank you for holding the space, sharing the knowledge, and teaching from the heart.

Have a blessed day


I would be more than happy to talk to Emirati women about taking sessions with you, because I'm seeing results instantly. I appreciate the work that you're doing. I am finding empowerment with your programs, and the women I know are seeking empowerment as well. 

Looking forward to our next session.


Hi Myrna! Thanks for a great coaching session! Truly, I needed that and you have a great way as a coach, you have a gift!



I really feel a big change in my personality. Love the relaxing atmosphere.
Myrna you are a super lovely person and thankyou for sharing with us this beautiful knowledge and experience.
love you...

A life changing experience that oppened my brain and eyes on a lot of truth.


This course was a life changing course to me. I felt inner peace and so much positivity.


Self-engineering is possible


Thank you, because I have not felt so light and happy in years.

Grateful for the magical work you are doing...


My relationship with my mother and my body shifted.
I came to make awesome realisation and let go of all belief
systems that were blocking me.

It is always a wonderful experience to dig deeper, to connect and to acquire valuble new knowledge as that of this course.
thank you .

One of the best courses I've ever taken.
Extremely grateful :) :) :) <3

A life changing experience.
Love it 
love you Myrna <3 <3 <3

Now that i'm off Deanxit, I feel 10 times happier & Healthier & much more powerful.

I look up to giving presentation as a challenge.


Thank you Dr. Myrna. I just wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciate the positive influence you've had on my life. 

Thank you for your concern and useful advice!

I'll be forever grateful.