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You are amazing.

i am so happy i met you!

i m so spositive

i dont know what u did to me

but i love you for that!!

J. K.

Dear Myrna. You are so beautiful with all your pictures and words on fb. I just wanted to let you know that I am independent now hamdillah. I have my own job and earn my own money, and raising my children with peace of mind and with God's grace. I am very grateful to a lot of people that were all my support network in the difficult times that led me to  being the person I am today. One of these people is you. For that I thank you and I wanted to acknowledge that the work that you do is so important because it guides us and shows us the light at the end of the tunnel, and it gives us hope and wants us to persevere in a time of weakness when we dont realll think that we want to. For those things I say thank you. May you have continued good health and happiness ❤❤


You guys, remember when i got sick in Lebanon, we'll let me describe the magical part of this experience.

Imagine me sick in the back of an Uber, Feeling weak lost and vulnerable, in tears shaking like a scared little girl, and in comes this mystery women the next Uber ride (which happened by accident because i couldn't find my friends house we stopped 2 blocks away next to the nearest known location and kept going in circles lost).

So anyway this lady walks in my Uber, assists me, helps me find the house, calms me down like the universe sent me a healer in the time i needed it the most.

Like is there a bigger sign that we are all being watched and looked after.

Dr. Myrna i'm lucky you fell into my lap!

R. K.

I see your posts each day, very good and high quality.

They make me aware, i should look after my own mental health.

How are you doing over there?

Dr. J.P

Dear Myrna Saadeh thank you so much for the work you , your dedication to educate with accessible and practical approaches is empowering.

I totally agree with you..concerning divorce one must move beyond shame, blame, anger, and instead focus on growth, integrity(concerning finances too) and a peaceful re-organisation of the family unit,..this can only happen when one understands the real value of mental health and morals.

The work you offer, the pioneering work, if i might add can offer guidance and clarity to a happier divorce..or stronger union..i have to apologise because i do not read arabic so this was my understanding!

A deep bow of gratitude to all you do Myrna ..this work will echo for centuries to come.

M. B.

في حقيقة الأمر الطلاق أو الزواج حالة اجتماعية محض تؤدي إلى حالة عاطفية بائسة اذا لا يوجد الوعي الكافي للتعامل مع الآخر. و الحالة العاطفية تؤدي إلى أمراض عديدة اذا لم يتم علاجها من الداخل اولا. و تبقى الأهمية للإنسان و مسؤوليته تجاه نفسه و جسده للحفاظ عليهما. و عن تجربة ما حصلت عليه بمساعدة د. ميرنا حالة وعي لطيفة تلامس قوة العقل و القلب بتواصل متزن تنير درب الحياة الحقيقية. و يبقى الزواج أو الطلاق أو أي حالة يمر بها الإنسان أو تجربة يعيشها على الارض قرار يأخذه بوعي و بتبقل كامل نتائجه من أجل التطور الداخلي. فليتصالح الإنسان مع نفسه اولا و القرار يأتي تلقائيا... مع محبتي للجميع و تمنياتي لهم بالنور و المحبة و السلام 

R. H.

For me, Dr. Myrna is my new chapter!

M. K.

Dr Myrna is consistent and committed to positivity which is lacking today in everyone and everyone needs it

W. K.

Life changing course, very refreshing and soul nourishing.
3 days of Revival!
R. H.

Keep moving and growing!

M. E.B.

Very intersting course!

L. D.

The journey of my life has just begin. 
Looking forward to have more advanced courses to be more enlightened and share my experiences with pepole that are searching for themselves and for their souls!
S. A.B.

Great Course preparation for a perfect future! 
L. A.

I feel like a different person and I changed into a very positive person full of life.

I coudn't have done it without Dr. Myrna, specially in such little time.

I am so gratefull for being envolved in this therapy.

L. B.H

Light !!


Good morning sunshine!

Just to let you know, this morning 4 people made the comment that my eyes have an unusual glow and are do bright....

I think this is the reflection of my healing, calm and happy soul...

I cannot come up but with this explanation and its true.

I love you, thank you. (3


i want to thank you for making my life happy in so many ways.

i really appreciate you for being an important part of my life.


I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you did with me, as Buddha said, «when the student is ready, the teacher appears » and you’ve not only been a great teacher, but your energy and guidance are always with me at all times.
I always do a yearly evaluation for my year and where I stand today compared to last year, and i have to say that the improvement is drastic this year and the credit goes to you.
Merry Christmas May it be a year filled with more love, good health, happiness, positive energy and everything you wish for.


Hello. I’m doing very well you. You helped me so much. Now, I’m happier, more independent and stronger than ever before!

You did a great achievement, you deserve a trophy.


I felt much better this time after the session :) 

thank you