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Nicole Boukhalil

Dr Nicole Boukhalil is a Pharmacist and an Aromatherapist.

Dr BouKhalil earned her diploma in Aromatherapy and Medicinal plants from France. She specialized in Clinical Aromatherapy in London, UK. She earned her doctorate in Pharmacy from the School of pharmacy in St Joseph University, Beirut. 

Her scope of practice extends to the natural skincare as she is a specialist in Natural Dermocosmetics.

She also holds a Master in Public Health (Epidemiology and Biostatistics).

Dr BouKhalil believes in the holistic approach of the human being. Her mission is to raise awareness on the benefits of aromatherapy and complementary medicine.

Dr Boukhalil will be providing personalized aromatherapy blends, tailored to the needs of each individual at Wellbeing Center.