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Emotional-Nutritional Plan

If every health benefit of a plant-based, whole-foods diet were a guest at a wedding, you'd probably have to rent a bigger tent. The most recently identified guest to show up, unexpected but welcome, is better sleep.
In a small clinical study, resear...chers found that a nourishing diet, high in fiber and low in both sugar and saturated fat, led to falling asleep faster and sleeping more deeply. "The results of this study are important because there is currently very little scientifically based information about eating for better sleep," notes Cleveland Clinic sleep specialist Michelle Drerup, PsyD. More research is needed to confirm the link, in particular for people who have trouble sleeping, says Drerup. But there's no need to wait for confirmation to align your plate with the principles in the study. Vegetables and fruit, lentils and beans, intact (not stripped) grains like brown rice and quinoa, and nutritious fats from salmon, ocean trout and avocados all fit the bill. You'll set yourself up for good health on any number of fronts, including a lower risk of inflammation and cardiovascular disease. And that's a reason to party!

To less stress, healthier eating and better sleep,

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