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Happiness Is Healthy

In a world as fast-paced and competitive as this one, the modern woman experiences stress and exhaustion every day. Too much stress can be detrimental to your health—physically, emotionally, and mentally. Although it is important to perform well at work and keep up with the demands of life, taking a break and seeing what else life has to offer is important too. Having fun helps maintain a healthy, well-balanced you. 


The art of being healthy

When you’re stressed, your immune system weakens, increasing your chances of getting sick. Being in a stressful situation triggers the body’s natural fight-or-flight response, causing physical changes from a rapid heartbeat to an increase in blood pressure. These help you to successfully cope with the situation at hand, but prolonged anxiety overextends the stress response, eventually causing the body harm.

To make sure that your body is in tip-top shape and protected from disease, de-stressing is a must. If a healthier heart, increased memory and better sleep aren’t enough to sway you, de-stressing also prevents obesity. Not only does your mental health improve but your physical appearance also brightens noticeably. With a nice, healthy glow and a serene demeanor, you’ll be ready to face the day again—and meet new people along the way.


An endorphin boost goes a long way.

When you’re having fun, it’s hard to keep that natural grin off your face—and for good reason. A simple smile can turn a rotten day right side up. Smiling immediately decreases stress levels and improves tolerance for pain—even when the smile you put on is “fake.” Not only do you feel good when you smile, your mental health improves, too.

The body releases endorphins every time you smile. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that send a message of confidence and satisfaction to the brain. The result? A more cheerful and self-assured you. Smiling is just like eating chocolate. Unlike the latter, though, there’s no need to monitor just how often you smile in a day. The more you smile, the better you’ll look and feel. You’ll make others feel great too, so smile away!


Fun time is bonding time.

If members of your family or your friends have ever complained that you’ve been hiding under a rock, engaging in bonding activities like hanging out, playing group games, or even exercising together provides you with the perfect venue to take care of your health while spending time with your loved ones. This is especially valuable for developing your social skills, so for the workaholics, you can think of it as work away from work. The more important part, however, is getting the opportunity to increase intimacy and maintain your relationships with the people close to your heart. It doesn’t hurt that it makes you feel good too. 


Fun-loving, optimistic people live longer.

Positive thinkers live 7.5 years longer than pessimists. According to studies, constant worrying puts a burden on the heart, increasing one’s chances of giving in to the negative effects of stress. Having an optimistic attitude towards aging is better than having low blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In other words, staying positive works better than laying off the butter and chicken liver!  


Laughter really is the best medicine.

Humor is one of the best solutions to stress. Just like smiling, laughing reduces your level of stress hormones. Your mood also gets elevated because of the release of serotonin, a hormone that gives you an all-natural high.

Humor therapy is perfect for reducing stress. Not only does it make you feel good, it also lowers your blood pressure, improves breathing and regulates your heartbeat, successfully countering a prolonged stress response. So stock up on those comedy shows and don’t be afraid to crack lame jokes! It’s for a good cause: your health.


Living your life to the fullest never sounded better.

Having fun provides you with an opportunity for holistic development while helping you manage your stress. Letting stress and work get you down is the equivalent of boxing yourself up in a room and closing all other doors. Getting a hobby or two helps you experience, little by little, everything life has to offer. Try something new and widen your perspective. By becoming well-rounded, you might just find yourself discovering the key to your happiness. Living a life with no regrets and worries improves your quality of life, too.


Your good health is its own reward.

Working with an end goal in mind encourages you to perform better at work. Instead of thinking of career gain as your prize, though, provide yourself with a fun motivation, instead. Have a job that requires very specific deliverables? Consider promising yourself an out-of-town trip if you reach or exceed your quota for the month. Wouldn’t you get a morale boost and find yourself working harder to justify the reward? This works for short-term goals too, like making it to a deadline today and treating yourself to a nice long bubble bath at home. Your brain eases up on the stress, knowing there’s a reward waiting at the end, so pamper it well. Ultimately, though, the best treat you can give yourself is the gift of good health. And the best way to achieve that? Have more fun, of course!