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Adding Hypnotherapy to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

This tradition—that people from different cultures partake in—implies writing down the things you want to do and accomplish in the coming year. We believe if we set these goals at the end of the year, we will be able to hold ourselves accountable in the future. However, it does not always work that way.


Resolutions: A Myth

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that it has simply become an excuse to keep postponing the changes we want to make in our lives. Waiting for January pushes individuals further away from their goals, when in reality they should be taking micro-steps every day to accomplish these goals they have set for themselves.

Most of the resolutions people list are changes in their behavior. Going to the gym. Eating healthier. Sleeping eight hours a night. Quit smoking. These kinds of behavior changes require a mindset change. Not much can be accomplished if we only try to change our actions and forget about the thought process behind them. It is necessary to modify the way in which we think in order to change the way in which we behave and the habits we have fallen into.

The only positive of New Year’s resolutions is to institutionalize a time where you can think about your progress and decide what you want to achieve in the future. This type of moment is precious because you can only achieve a goal if you set your mind to it. Unfortunately, few people really focus on a goal: they have too many objectives and those objectives are too wide and too unclear.


Reaffirming Goals and Milestones Instead

So, if resolutions are a myth, what can be done to achieve those objectives that we normally leave for the end of the year? The best way to do it is by refining your goals, focusing on their benefits, and developing new capabilities. Here are a few tips.

  • Focus on what you want instead of what you wish to avoid. Think about who you want to become and what you are willing to do to get there.
  • Focus on setting smart goals for yourself: the best way to do this is by setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goals. You can begin with small achievements and continue to make them bigger as you go.
  • Focus on what you will gain by adopting that new habit in order to feel motivated enough to achieve your goals. It is important to identify the more valuable benefits you will get from this new behavior.
  • Focus on microsteps: although we want to see changes overnight, we have to accept it will not happen that fast. The best way to do this is by setting microsteps that will allow you to enjoy the journey, keeping your eyes on the prize.


Hypnotherapy and Your Goals

As we change resolutions into goals, it is important to find resources and practices that will help you get closer to achieving them. Some people choose meditation or journaling to keep them on track. But, what if you gave hypnotherapy a try? Could it help you reach your goals faster and more permanently?

Hypnotherapy uses imagery, relaxation, and other tools to help you tackle your physical and mental concerns. It is a natural process that draws your attention away from your immediate surroundings and focuses it on your feelings, images, or other ideas. It can be described as a focused state of awareness, where you can accept simple suggestions more easily.

Therefore, with hypnosis you can speed up the process and reach your goals faster. How is this possible? This technique will give you powerful relief from many common physical and emotional ailments. It will help you develop new skills and therefore maximize the potential of achieving your goals.