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Mira Abed Rabbo

Mira Abed Rabbo is a licensed dietitian who graduated from Saint Joseph University, with a diverse and extensive experience dealing with patients with different health related issues.

Since 2010, Mira has been working with her patients to provide them with healthy approaches to weight loss and weight maintenance through healthy nutritional plans created to suit each and everyone's lifestyle. 

In addition, Mira caters to the nutritional wellbeing of modern families in Lebanon and occasionally around the Middle East.

Mira works with adolescents, pregnant women, new mothers, as well as patients diagnosed with different diseases such as; diabetes type I and II, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and heart failure, kidney problems, high lipid profile and triglycerides and celiac disease.

Mira also creates healthy recipes for patients and helps them convert their traditional recipes to healthy ones.

At Wellbeing Center, Mira provides the following services:

Body Fat Measurement

Nutritional Needs Assessment 

Designing personalized diet plans to suit each individual needs

Setting realistic goals for each patient, based on their health condition

Providing special nutritional plans for patients with chronic diseases, with a close follow up on their condition

Special diet plans for children and adolescents

Nutritional tips for pregnant women with a plan that covers their pregnancy till the phase after delivery and nursing period

Healthy cooking tips, and redesigning traditional recipes into healthy ones


Mira collaborates with Wellbeing Psychotherapist in the following areas:

Diet plans for Eating Disorders.

Diet plans for Weight Gain or Weight loss.

Diet plans for Depression and Mood Disorders.


Mira collaborates with Wellbeing Lactation Consultant in the following areas:

Diet for pregnant women during first, second and third trimesters.

Healthy diet plan for nursing mothers

How to introduce solids for babies.


Mira works with Wellbeing Physicians in the following areas:

Diet plans for diabetes patients

Diet plans for hypothyroid patients

Diet plans for vitality and anti-aging.