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Cancer Treatment Integrative Approach

Integrative oncology focuses on the interplay between the tumor and its immediate biochemical environment within the body, often referred to as “the terrain.” For almost any chronic disease, inflammation is at the root. “Most cancer starts by the age of 20.” As the body ages, toxic exposures mount and genetic damage accrues. Depending on inflammation and the overall condition of a person’s terrain, that deterioration may eventually result in a life-threatening cancer, perhaps many years or decades later.


Integrative-oncology strategies: nutrition, exercise, stress management and targeted supplements can reduce inflammation and boost immunity, which can reduce the risk of relapse.


At Wellbeing Center, patients are treated with a tailored program that includes therapeutic nutrition, exercise, mind-body-spirit care, hypnotherapy, meditation, guided imagery, applied kinesiology, family therapy, aromatherapy and a variety of emerging anti-tumor therapies.


The goal of the Women's Integrative Sexual Health (WISH) program it to provide individual clinical consultation, resources, education, emotional support and appropriate referrals related to sexual health concerns for women with cancer.

About half of all women diagnosed with cancer experience sexual problems after treatment. In treating gynecologic cancer patients, our staff understands the impact cancer can have on their quality-of-life and have sought information and developed skills to help them address these issues. The WISH program offers care to women diagnosed with any form of cancer in a setting that supports each individual’s sexual well-being.

-Understanding the effects of cancer on reproductive organs 

-Physical pain with intercourse, tampon use, Pap smear and/or pelvic exam 

-Maintenance or recovery of sexual function during and after cancer treatment, including difficulty lubricating, lack of interest or pleasure, and difficulty experiencing orgasm 

-Uncertainty about gender or sexual orientation 

-Anxiety about current or future sexual activity

We customize a nutrition plan based on each individual’s cancer profile, lab tests and biomarkers of survival.


Our Integrative medicine approach also includes the CBTH4 Fatigue by Icahn School of Medicine, New York, having received their certification.