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Most importantly however, it is an ongoing transformational process which helps you master your mind and body, eventually enabling you to achieve a blissful and abundant state in your daily lives. 

Through using the breath in a circular way, which means without pausing between the inhale and the exhale, an energy flow is created in the body. This energy flow gently “forces out” or helps release stuck negative emotions which are stored in the “cellular memory” of the body.

As these emotions are integrated and the breathing and energy flow continues, the breather goes a level deeper and achieves profound states of bliss, clarity and understanding about themselves or a specific issue they are dealing with. Ultimately, after a rebirth a person feels calm, clear and liberated, often significantly changing the way they feel about themselves or a situation and experiencing a lasting personal transformation.

Rebirthing breathwork is greatly healing on all levels - physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional - and combined with affirmative thinking and other creative techniques, it is an excellent tool for self-development. Gentle and pleasurable but also dynamic and powerful, it teaches you to balance your lives and be in harmony with yourselves and your environment.

Rebirthing, at its final level, deals with understanding your true power, heightening your awareness and, combined with spiritual purification techniques, allows you to reach your full spiritual and physical potential.


Is there a difference between Rebirthing and Breathwork?

Rebirthing is a precise and very powerful breathing technique which was invented and perfected by Leonard Orr. When mastered, it is also a way of life that leads to excellence, abundance, joy and spiritual clarity. This circular breathing technique usually conducted through the nose brings a very deep healing to the receiver who is washed in blissful sensations and a deep understanding of themselves.

Breathwork refers to all breathing techniques, ancient or modern, through nose or mouth and using any specific parts of your breathing mechanism to achieve different states of awareness. Used by most cultures in various ways to deepen spiritual experiences and by others as a base for scientific research for physical and mental health, breathwork is also used for the training of individuals to grasp their ultimate potential, leading to the accomplishment of body and mind mastery for a variety of purposes.