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How to manage your excitment

1-      1- Have fun to take your mind off excitement.  

Channeling your excitement into a positive and fun behavior can be effective at calming you down and distracting you from what's got you all wound up.

Those who do not have fun often are actually more likely to experience criminality, obesity, and loss of creativity, researchers say. Even during times when you are not just looking for a distraction, you should take your playtime just as seriously as you do work time.

2-      2- Get artistic as a way to distract yourself from what's exciting you. There are a wide range of ways to distract yourself, both healthy and not. Using your excitement for a creative purpose is a productive and healthy way to spend your time.

Your options for being creative are a basically infinite. You could take a pottery class. Write a short story, poem or song. Draw. Buy a box of crayons and a coloring book of your choice. Paint a picture of your house. Grab your camera and try to take interesting shots of common household items.

Art allows you to release or channel the nervous energy in your body. Some people have a hard time verbally expressing excitement, but making art gives you a vehicle to reproduce those feelings in physical form.

3-     3- Complete some chores. Take the opportunity to momentarily forget what's making you so excited by getting your hands dirty and moving. Go home and make a list of household chores or errands that need completing, and get started on them.

Chores probably don't rank high on your list of distracting things to do. They're not all that fun. Still, much research has been conducted on the benefits of chores. Studies have found that adolescents who perform a set of chores tend to have a higher sense of responsibility, healthier self-esteem, and are more capable of handling frustration.

4-     4-  Make your excitement contagious by volunteering. When we are in a good mood, we have the power to lift the moods of those around us. You can use your extra energy to be a positive influence in someone else's life.

People have a tendency to unconsciously imitate the moods of those around them.

Therefore, you can share your positive energy with others. They will get the benefit of your bright mood, and you will have a positive method for releasing the excitement.

5-     5-  Give yourself a taste of what's exciting you. Sometimes, the best way to release extra energy is to go do the thing that's got us all wound up.