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4 Reasons to Keep Calm When Facing Problems

1. To keep your mind clear on the objective

Most students complain of not having enough time in examinations. It’s because we don’t prepare enough or our lecturers are just trolling (playing a practical joke on) us. For a student, it is sometimes not enough to only rely on your tutorials. You need some extra dedication if you want to glide through your finals. Provided that you are now sitting in the exam hall semi-prepared, your objective is to simply pass or to attain the grade you aim for. Whatever it is, your aim is to accumulate as many marks as you can. So keep calm and focus on doing just that. Once you start to lose your cool, you jump from one problem to another and back, and end up solving nothing. That is not good.

2. So you don’t make silly decisions

Sometimes we make a wrong turn at a junction when driving. This usually happens when you explore new places. The GPS is doing great but you’re not. You’re nervous because you’re unfamiliar with your new surroundings. Sometimes you make a turn too early or too late. You’ve been granted an intelligent conscious and you should use it. You can, to a certain extent control your feelings of anxiety and anger. Learn to do it. We all know how dangerous an unfamiliar driver can be on the road – one moment to the left and one moment to the right. The next moment he’ll probably swerve right into another motorist. So keep calm, don’t go too fast (people will know you’re not from around there) and don’t forget to signal. Once you lose your cool, you become such a hazard to other people, unknowingly.

3. The problem is often a lot less complicated than it seems

We all have that moment in the shower when we realize better decisions that we could have made earlier. Like a better comeback at an insult or a better strategy during the basketball game. Your mind is a lot more relaxed when you’re in the shower. That’s why you make smart decisions. Now we need to try to get that same state of relaxed mind when you are in the middle of a problem. So keep calm, look around you, understand the status quo, and the solutions will unfold with God’s will. Then you can work out your modus operandi.

4. Your body functions like that

When you get nervous, excited or angry, you get a rush of adrenaline through your body. Your body is a very unique machine. It channels your blood to the vital areas. When you are scared, your face turns pale because more blood is sent to your limbs to either fight or flee. You brain is not one of the ‘vital’ organs in that situation. So keep calm and let your blood circulate evenly, because modern-day problems require a lot of thinking.

Keep calm and carry on people!!!!